Pet Allergy Testing and Dermatology for Dogs and Cats in Scottsdale, AZ

Pets experiencing ear infections, generalized itchy skin, hair loss, or inflamed toes and ears, are candidates for allergy testing. There are a wide variety of potential causes of animal allergy and dermatologic issues, such as:
  • Environmental allergies—grass or pollen
  • Food allergies
  • Parasites—fleas, ticks, mites

We will begin with an exam of your pet, and perform a simple blood test to begin the allergy testing process. Based on the results, we will design a treatment protocol for your pet.

Animal Medical & Surgical Center offers a new, innovative treatment for your pet’s allergies, utilizing drops administered orally, rather than injections.

The drops are easily administered to immunize your pet against their allergies.

Immunotherapy drops work by desensitizing the body to environmental allergens, and relieves the cause of the allergies. The drops are natural and extremely safe for your pet with rare, mild side effects. They are painless and can be administered at home. Over time, your pet can become immune to their allergies, and the treatment drops will no longer be necessary.

Pets with parasite infestations, allergies, or other illnesses, such as thyroid disease, can suffer from skin problems. If your pet has symptoms such as dry, itchy, flaky, oily, or scaly skin, a medicated bath treatment can help alleviate the condition. Our veterinary team is experienced in the diagnosis of pet dermatology conditions, and can administer a medicated bath for your pet.

At Animal Medical & Surgical Center, we strive to diagnose and treat the underlying cause of your pet’s allergy or dermatology condition. Please contact us to schedule an exam, or to ask any questions regarding your pet’s health.