Where will my pet sleep at night?

Depending on the room you choose, your pet will be provided the following:

  • Condo: 52sq ft
  • Penthouse: 96sq ft
  • Feline Condo: 8sq ft with adjoining condos available

Our rooms are spacious and allow your pet room to move around, and not feel too confined. Our dog condos and penthouses come with a raised bed unless you’d like to swap it out for your own dog bed.

Will my pet be playing all day?

Your pet will be on a rotating schedule for play time. We offer both individual and group play time at least four times daily, depending on your pet’s needs. They will also receive one-on-one time with our boarding staff members for extra attention! There is no extra charge for more playtime. 

(Note: For the safety of other pet’s staying at our facility, unaltered pets cannot play with other pets.)

Can I bring my pet’s bed or crate?

If you feel your pet would feel more comfortable, please bring your pet’s bed. We do kindly ask not to bring crates as your pet will be enclosed in their room as is.

Can I bring my pet’s toys?

Yes, if you trust they will not be a choking hazard for your pet. If your pet cannot live without their teddy bear, please bring it along!

Can my pets board together in the same room?

Absolutely! Unless otherwise noted by pet parents, siblings will room together. They are supervised during feeding to ensure each pet gets their own meal.

Should I bring my pet’s food?

Yes, please bring your pet’s food. Changing your pet’s diet can cause upset stomach, diarrhea, or even vomiting. If you happen to forget your pet’s food, we do have a very bland recipe we can provide in hopes to avoid any upset stomachs. There is no need to bring any bowls as clean bowls are provided for all pets.

Can your staff give my dog its medications?

Our hospital policy allows us to give up to 3 medications/supplements (excluding insulin) to your pet. There is a charge associated with this service. If your pet requires more than 3 medications, please know that our facility is not be able to accommodate your request at this time. 

Supplements & Medications

  • Please make sure to mark all items clearly with the pet’s name, instructions, the exact dates and doses, and the frequency with which they are to be administered (daily, morning and/or evening, weekly, etc.).
  • Any oral, ear or eye meds can be administered by our boarding staff. 
  • Please provide a description for what each medication and/or supplement is for, especially if they are not in their original labeled containers.
  • If your pet prefers a specific method of giving medications, for example in a piece of lunch meat or pill pockets, please provide that for our boarding staff!

What if my pet’s food/medications must be refrigerated?

We have a refrigerator at AMSC in the case your pet’s medications or food must be kept cold.

Can I call and check in on my pet?

Yes, you can call as much as you’d like! Please note that our boarding staff is here from 6am until 10pm. If you call after hours, you will be able to get an update from our overnight technicians monitoring our boarding patients.

Is your facility climate controlled?

Yes, our facility has heat in the winter and A/C in the summer!

Will my dog be walked outside?

At AMSC, all of the boarded dogs play in our indoor park. The pets will not be taken outside during their stay. Our skylights and windows offer plenty of sunshine, though.

Should I bring my kitty’s litter?

Pine litter is provided for all of our cat boarders. If your cat has a sensitivity, then we do request you bring your own litter. Litter boxes are also supplied.