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Internal Medicine: A Message From Dr. Jennifer Fryer

Greetings! I am Jennifer Fryer and I tackle internal medicine cases at Animal Medical and Surgical Center.

A little about me…

I grew up just north of New York City in a household filled with cats and dogs.  The cats were all strays, except for the one purebred Maine Coon who turned out to be a hermaphrodite (part male and part female!).  The dogs included a Yorkie, three Dalmatians (two of whom had 11 puppies when I had chicken pox at the age of 6), two Golden Retrievers, and a Samoyed/Bearded Collie Mix.

I graduated from Brown University, but didn’t decide on Veterinary Medicine until after my senior year had begun. After completing two years of veterinary pre-requisites, I moved on to North Carolina State for veterinary school and Texas A&M for my Small Animal Internal Medicine Residency.  I am married to James Fryer.  I fell in love with him when he spent hours trying to rescue my cat who was stuck in a tree when we were seniors in high school.  We have one son named Bob, a Phoenix Mutt named Cleo, and two gray cats name Jack and Pearl.

What is Internal Medicine?

Internal Medicine in Small Animal Medicine is a little different than human medicine, where it is a primary care specialty. I work with your pet’s primary care doctor to figure out more unusual problems, perform ultrasound, or perform endoscopy when necessary to diagnose an issue. My mentor, Dr. Mike Willard, taught me the best lesson any veterinarian (or physician for that matter) should know – “Never run a test unless it is going to change what you are going to do!”

My Philosophy

That brings me to the fact that I am a very practical veterinarian.  I want your animal to live a very long and happy life.  Primarily, I want that life to be happy.  We are here to give our pets the best lives possible.  I will always be honest in giving advice as to whether we can make your pet’s life better when he or she is sick.  If I think there is a chance for a good quality of life, I will tell you.  If I think that that there are options to extend the length of an animal’s life but the quality may not be good, I will be honest with you on that, too.  Sometimes, the answers are not clear-cut and more diagnostics or another opinion is needed.  When I think another person would give a better answer than I could, I will tell you.  My son is a boy scout and he knows the importance of honesty.  He has learned it from watching his parents.  He knows that I will be honest with him.  Please know, that as my client, I pledge to be honest with you.

It a joy for me to see my current and new patients and clients.  I feel privileged to be able to work with cats and dogs and with the people who love them at AMSC.

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