Internal Medicine


Dr. Fryer



  • Detailed and Compassionate consultation
  • Case follow up with family veterinarian

Internal Medicine

Internal medicine patients are complex.  As such, their cases require much thought and care.  Dr. Fryer makes sure that not only are the patient’s needs addressed, but also the owner’s and referring veterinarian’s questions addressed as well.  The issues that bring a patient to our clinic can be life threatening and Dr. Fryer wants to ensure that the owner understands all aspects of the patient’s diagnosis and treatment options.  Patient comfort and happiness is the overall goal.

Our detailed and compassionate consultation involves a physical exam, discussion on the findings, recommendation for other diagnostics, and a detailed discussion on the disease process and its prognosis. We keep your family veterinarian in the loop on this. We are equipped with not only advanced diagnostic tools but also with advanced electronic medical record systems like Ezyvet and Smartflow which help us transfer information to your family veterinarian at a moment’s notice and in many cases, real time.