Intestinal Foreign Body

Intestinal Foreign Body

Intestinal foreign bodies can occur in cats and dogs. Though typically seen in young dogs, any age of pet can ingest things that they shouldn’t.

How are intestinal foreign bodies diagnosed?

You, your family veterinarian, and Dr. Jha (Board certified Surgeon) will use multiple diagnostic modalities to diagnose your pet. Your primary care veterinarian will do a physical exam, bloodwork and X-rays to begin the diagnosis. Usually x-rays are diagnostic, but if any question, an abdominal ultrasound or x-rays with contrast can be performed to insure a proper diagnosis.

How are stomach tumors treated?

Surgical removal of the foreign material to allow continuation of ingesta flow through the GI tract is necessary once obstructed.


Post-operative pancreatitis, vomiting/regurgitation, and surgical dehiscence (3-5 days post-operatively), though rare, can occur.

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