Minimally Invasive Fracture Repair of Sacroiliac Luxation

Sacro-iliac luxation Repair: Pets who sustain a Sacro-iliac luxation will need stabilization of their weight bearing axis. Using traditional repair techniques the side of pelvis is approached and Sacro-iliac joint is reached via muscle dissection with a large incision. This luxation is then repaired with one or two screws. At AMSC we can use minimally invasive techniques using our fluoroscopy CARM to help us placed one or two screws to stabilize the joint via just one or two tiny incisions on the side of the pelvis.

In picture one, the CARM is used to locate and align the pelvis and Sacro-iliac joint. Under direct visualization the screw is placed. Photo #3 shows a screw stabilizing the joint. In the last photo, the patient is shown with one small incision on the side of the pelvis with one suture to close the surgical wound.

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