Platelet Rich Plasma

Animal Medical and Surgical Center is excited to announce the addition of platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injections to our arsenal for the treatment of joint and tendon injuries or degeneration.
PRP is a completely natural process that starts with drawing your dog’s own blood.

This blood is concentrated through a highly engineered process until it contains plasma, a large quantity of platelets, and some other cells and substances that are beneficial in healing injury.

How does PRP work?  While the full mechanism of action is still not fully understood, the primary effect of PRP injections is to enhance or in some cases restart the natural healing process. Joints and areas of injury often have poor blood supply due to the presence of scar tissue or from chronic disease.

Injection of PRP into these areas can cause a beneficial inflammatory response that hopefully leads to better healing. PRP also contains and stimulates mesenchymal stem cells, which are precursors to many important structures (bone, cartilage, ligament, tendon). Both in the lab and in the clinical setting, PRP has been shown to increase the density of healing structures and even of implants like bone grafts.

What conditions is PRP recommended to treat? This is somewhat dependent upon the type and severity of your pet’s problem, but we commonly recommend PRP for the treatment of chronic arthritis, chronic sprains/strains (especially biceps tenosynovitis and similar conditions), and as a follow-up to surgery for cranial cruciate ligament tears and the removal of bone fragments from the elbow.

If you think your pet may benefit from this exciting new Cellular technology, the process begins with a consultation with one of our surgeons. They will assess your pet and discuss whether PRP is likely to help their condition, either as a stand-alone therapy or along with other modalities such as surgery, physical therapy/rehabilitation, and medical management of pain.