Pet Prescriptions and Over the Counter Products

Animal Medical & Surgical Center provides comprehensive veterinary care for your pet. For your convenience, and for your pet’s safety, we can fill your pet’s prescription medications onsite. You can be assured that you are receiving quality pet medications, from a source you can trust, and prescribed specifically for your pet.

Our animal hospital carries a complete supply of both medications and pet products. Most pet medications can be filled the same day. Our veterinary team will carefully review all pet prescriptions with you, answer your questions, and can offer advice on how to administer them to your pet.

Pet Products

We offer various prescription diets, and prescription preventive care products targeted for the specific needs of your pet. We also have a variety of effective health care products for your pets, including:

  • Prescription and specialty diets with nutritional formulas for pets of all ages
  • Flea prevention products, such as topical medications
  • Heartworm preventive products (oral medications)
  • At-home dental care products, such as toothbrushes and dental chews
  • Grooming products, such as medicated shampoos and conditioners

Pet Prescription Refills & Hours

We are able to fill your pet’s prescription medication during our normal business hours. If you need a refill, please provide 24 hour notice. To expedite your pet’s refill, please call ahead to initiate the refill request.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding your pet’s medications. We are here to support you with your pet’s prescription medication needs, and please do not hesitate to call if you need additional assistance administering your pet’s medications.