Referral Process

Our Professional Promise to You

Uncompromised excellence is the core of the referral service at Animal Medical & Surgical Center. All referring veterinarians receive a detailed report describing every aspect of treatment, diagnosis, and medical or surgical procedure. This may include a DVD of the surgery in some cases.

It is our policy to treat referred patients only for the specific procedure for which they were referred and we will not provide any veterinary care other than what their primary doctor has requested unless complications dictate otherwise. We value the professional relationship we have with our referring veterinarians and we are available to answer any questions.

For more information about referrals to Animal Medical & Surgical Center, please contact us.

How to Refer a Patient

Download a printable referral form and fax it to us, or submit your referral request online.

Fax: 480-502-4416

Be sure to include medical records, diagnostic information, and any other pertinent case materials whether submitting by fax or online.

Please contact us at 480-502-4400 with any questions or specific requests.

Neurology Referrals

Please note: For Neurology Referrals, please submit a referral through ANIC – our neurology and imaging center partner, located at AMSC.

Neurology Referral Form

Referral Forms

To refer a patient, you can complete and submit the online referral form you need, or you can download and complete the fill-able PDF document. If you choose to use our PDF forms, you can either submit the completed form through the Online Submission Form on this page, or print and bring it with you to our hospital.

Select the type of form you want to use below:

Referral Form - Web



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CT Referral Form - Web

Referring Veterinarian Information
Date*Referring Doctor*
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Hospital Address
Client Information
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Patient Information
Patient Name*Species*
Tentative Diagnosis*
Clinical Symptoms
CT Images Requested
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Specific segments or other notes:
Referral Agreement

It is the policy of Animal Medical & Surgical Center that we will treat your pet only for the specific procedure for which you were referred and cannot provide any veterinary care other than that requested by the primary veterinarian.

It would be considered a breech of the ethics of our profession to assume any pet’s veterinary care that would normally be provided by the veterinarian that has referred you to us.

I understand that my patient is being referred to Animal Medical & Surgical Center for CT Imaging only.

By submitting this form, I acknowledge that I have read and agree to the above referral policy of Animal Medical & Surgical Center.

Signature of Referring Veterinarian*Date*

PDF Referral Forms

If you would like to download the PDF, and do not already have AdobeReader® installed on your computer, click HERE to download.

Referral Form - PDF  CT Referral - PDF

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