Senior Pet Primary Care in Scottsdale, AZ 

As dogs and cats age, they need more attention and special care. Animal Medical & Surgical Center offers a tailored, senior wellness program focused on early detection and prevention of disease.

Senior status varies depending on your pet’s breed and size. In most cases, when your dog turns 7 years of age or your cat turns 8 years of age they are considered a senior pet.

Senior Pet Wellness

Health issues are easier to treat or manage if identified in the early stages of development. We recommend semi-annual visits for our senior pets.

Diagnosing diseases and certain conditions early is important throughout a pet’s life, but it becomes even more critical when your dog or cat enters his or her senior years. The risks of arthritis, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, hormone disorders, and kidney and liver problems all increase with age.

Senior Pet Treatments

We can treat many symptoms that are commonly attributed to age, including those associated with cognitive dysfunction syndrome (similar to Alzheimer’s in humans). We can also improve your pet’s quality of life in many ways including:

  • Preventing or reducing pain
  • Recommending appropriate nutrition and supplements
  • Creating an exercise plan

Your pet’s health is important to us, and our senior pet wellness program is designed to extend the happiness and quality of life of your senior pet. We will tailor a senior wellness plan to your pet’s individual needs.

Please contact us to schedule an appointment, and we are happy to discuss our senior wellness program in more detail.