Stent Implantation

Animal Medical and Surgical Center is excited to be able to provide a non-surgical treatment for a common and sometimes severe condition in dogs known as collapsing trachea. In this condition, the membrane (lining) of the trachea weakens with age or secondary to chronic coughing or other airway disease. This weakened lining then begins to collapse on itself, especially when a dog breathes in. The result is usually some combination of coughing and difficulty getting enough oxygen into the lungs, which can be fatal in some cases.

The stent is an expanding “tube” of a medical grade metal alloy that is light, flexible, and minimally irritating to the body’s immune system (to avoid “rejection”). Once it is placed within your pet’s trachea it serves to hold the membrane open and restore a normal width to the area. The result is elimination or reduction in the incidence of coughing and potentially life-threatening difficulty breathing.

One of the greatest advantages of using stent placement to treat this condition is that it is non-invasive. No anatomy has to be incised or has to heal following the procedure. The process is not painful and is often relatively quick, decreasing the amount of time your pet is under anesthesia. At AMSC we are committed to offering the best service to our canine patients.

Our tracheal stents are placed under the guidance of a fluoroscopy unit (real time x-ray that can be watched as a live video feed). This advanced imaging allows us to monitor the deployment of a tracheal stent constantly during the procedure, resulting in more accurate and less time consuming placement.

If you think your pet may be a candidate for this treatment, the first step is a consultation with one of our surgeons. In that consultation, we can assess your dog’s condition, and whether or not this procedure could help with their tracheal collapse. If your pet is determined to be a candidate, his or her stent will be special-ordered to fit their trachea specifically after having measurement x-rays taken.

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