If I could give more than 5 stars I would! Dr. Jha and his team Larkin, Alexis, and Courtney and everyone else that has worked on my senior beagles are the best of the best! Having senior dogs there is always a major concern with them going under anesthesia. But with this team and how qualified they all are my, fur babies are in the best hands. I highly recommend if your pups are needing any type of surgery or just a thorough and hands on Doctor, Dr. Jha at Animal Medical Surgical Center is the best one to go to in town. We have gone through now two very successful surgeries with no complications! Thank you so much for loving and taking care of my babies Dr. Jha and team!

– Kimberly V. | Google

Dr. Jha, Dr. Brophy and everyone at AMSC are fantastic. I want to come back as a dog because the care they provide is what everyone wants!! We have taken both of our rescue dogs here and they have helped us understand all the issues. Thank you for all you do to the pets and owners.

– Barbara S. | Facebook

Richard and I want to thank all of you for spending time with Spirit and us and having the same level of urgency that we had, thinking initially that she had some back trouble (and potential neurological issues). I am in awe of the team effort you all displayed which allowed us to have three very important referrals for appointments almost back to back. We especially want to thank Dr. Meren and her team for their very thorough exam, once the rash was discovered, their tenacity in gathering slides and pictures, and arranging the next referral. They were totally engaged, and their enthusiasm was infectious. You will have our unending appreciation and thanks for saving our baby.

– Cindy & Richard H. | Email Feedback

We took our cat Butter to Animal Medical & Surgical on the recommendation of a friend, who took both of her dogs there during emergencies. We have never had such an amazing experience with a vet. Our cat had this rapidly growing mass on her neck and it started to impact her breathing. After getting her stabilized, they fit us in for surgery to remove the mass. I appreciated that they were cost conscious and noted that there were a bunch of other tests we could do if we wanted, but that they didn’t think they were needed. Dr. Jha went above and beyond, called us at each step, and provided compassionate care. So glad we ended up taking our pet there!

– Alex G. | Google

About 2:30 AM a couple of weeks ago, Eddie (our little Parson Russell Terrier) was attacked in our back yard by a coyote. We were shocked and scared to death and at a total loss of where to turn, so we ‘Googled’ vets near us and luckily came across Animal Medical & Surgical Center. Shortly after 3:00 in the morning, the staff welcomed us with open arms as they immediately went to work on Eddie, who had suffered nearly a dozen puncture wounds from the attack. He was kept over night for observation, and it was determined that he required surgery to make sure his little lungs were not punctured. I am so happy to report that here we are, only 2 weeks or so later, and Eddie is home & feeling better every day. We are absolutely thrilled with the quality of the care and the dignity and respect shown to us and our little family member. Dr.‘s Jha, Sontineni, and Corona provided the finest care we’ve ever experienced, causing us to refer to their facility as the ‘Mayo Clinic for Pet Care’. We can’t thank them enough, and would highly recommend their services to anyone needing quality pet care.

– Greg B. | Google

Our dog Lucy was experiencing intermittent pain due to IVDD in her neck. After a few appointments and courses of action, we ended up at Animal Medical & Surgical Center under the care of Dr. Jha. Dr. Jha recommended surgery for the best outcome for Lucy. We were very nervous parents, asking lots of questions and even canceling and rescheduling the surgery due to hesitations. Making a decision to have your dog undergo a major surgery is an extremely tough decision and Dr. Jha and his team (especially Alexis) was nothing but caring, understanding and truthful. The staff at Animal Medical & Surgical Center were empathetic and never made us feel like we were a burden when calling several times a day for information or questions. This facility is top notch and Lucy’s recovery has been nothing short of extraordinary. She is two weeks post surgery and acting like its been two years – confirming we made the right decision. Dr. Jha is careful, caring and understanding and we couldn’t be more pleased with the results.

– Julie H. | Yelp

On our first day in Scottsdale our beloved Airedale Riley tangled with a “jumping cactus”. He had a huge ball on his forehead by his eyes and several on his legs and paws. We live near Seattle and he had never seen a cactus. This encounter was disastrous! We called Animal Medical & Surgical Center, got directions and rushed over. I can’t tell you how grateful we were for the compassionate, professional, and loving care Riley received. He had to have anesthesia & spent the full day with you. My husband and I were a wreck and your staff was kind and helpful. Dr. Jha was outstanding!! I wish I had a physician as kind and understanding as he was. His medical assistant— I can’t remember her name— who came with him from Washington State was also wonderful. Riley thanks you and so do my husband Mike and I.

– Roberta R | Email Feedback

Dr. Jha and the staff were outstanding! I will forever be grateful for the services and care they provided for my dog. I highly recommend this facility for any and all of your animals needs. THANK YOU!!!

– Emily K | Facebook

Went to ANIC Scottsdale, AZ location and couldn’t be more thankful for the amazing staff and doctors that tended to my neuro pups! THANK YOU, Dr. Meren!

– Sara B. | Facebook

…At AMSC we were in the Exam room before I could even finish filling out the paperwork and saw the Vet within 10-15 minutes of arriving. The cost of the exam plus meds for our dog was very reasonable. The doctor and staff were friendly and professional. The facility is new and clean. While you hope not to have emergencies, I highly recommend AMSC

– Gretchen May | Google

Everyone here is awesome and dedicated in my book. Thanks to you AMSC, Our Brodie is back to himself with a repaired shoulder. Dr Jha helped us out tremendously with price, care and all around service! We shopped around for the best place we could find for our little man and after meeting with Dr Jha and his team we knew we had chosen the right place. One things for sure, you would be crazy not to bring your little pup or kitten to this facility. Thanks again to all of you at AMSC from Brodie and his family

– James Wingrove, Jr | Google

This place is the best! My dog broke her leg late on a Thursday night and the vet we took her to recommended Dr. Jha to do her surgery. After a late phone call to Dr. Jha he agreed to come in on his day off and do the surgery the very next morning. I can’t say enough how grateful we are that he could fix my baby on such short notice!

– Steve McCrea | Facebook

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So sweet and compassionate with my animals. My cat had an extensive ear ablation surgery and they kept her for a week no charge to monitor her as well as making sure their board certified surgeon was the one to do the procedure. I was a nervous wreck because of how extreme the surgery is but she came back happier, healthier and i trust them with all 5 of my fur babies now. Sweet and caring from the front desk to the vets. Highly recommend!

– Emmie L. | Facebook

We’ve been taking our dogs to AMSC for years and have had nothing but good experiences. The facility is beautiful and very impressive. The front desk staff are very helpful and friendly, and the medical staff listens carefully to the owners and takes great care of their patients. All of the doctors are professional and knowledgeable. Dr. Wheeler has always been wonderful to work with. He gets right down on the floor with our dogs and always address our concerns carefully and competently. He’s very thorough and has a great ‘bedside’ manner (if you can call it that). Highly recommend!

– James B. | Yelp

We had been boarding our Italian Greyhound, Angel, to AMSC for about 4 years and had only the BEST experiences! Angel had never been boarded before using AMSC, and after a few visits, she actually enjoyed her stay…the staff is very friendly and caring, and we like that there is someone on duty 24/7…We have just started boarding our new baby, Zita, (4 month old Italian Greyhound) and she is already getting to enjoy her visits…we’d HIGHLY recommend AMSC for anyone needing to board a pet.

– Jerry V. | Google

The staff works closely with our Golden Retriever Rescue and I can’t say enough good things about how they are always there for us, they always go the extra distance for our really tough cases. All of the vets and support staff are compassionate as well as being a state-of-the-art facilty.

– Connie M. | Facebook

I was extremely impressed with the techs and Dr. Wheeler this week when I visited the urgent care. We have experienced amazing pet care, the kind where you can tell that the doctor genuine rely sees this animal as a valuable family member. More recently we have experienced less than amazing care with a vet (at another practice) that sees my dog as dollar signs and doesn’t put any effort into diagnosing her problems.

On Thursday evening, after my dog hasn’t been herself for weeks (even though we paid her normal vet an expensive visit) I called Animal Medical and spoke with the receptionist. We made arrangements to visit that evening.

My dog already has Addison’s disease (so we are at the vet monthly) and my hope was that this was Addison’s related, though it didn’t turn out to be so.

Let me back up for a second and tell you that is about an almost 9 years German Shorthaired Pointer with a strange temperament. Normally it takes strangers a bit of time before she will warm up to them. She hates having her temperature taken and she knows what needles are for (and is afraid of them).

Ok. Basically, Zowe was so sick at home that she walked away from me when I was feeding her chicken by hand! After we arrived, she walked right into the room and even walked up to the doc. He was able to check her stomach and she never even tried to bite.

They always provide an estimate prior to any treatment and if you ask how necessary things are, they will discuss whether there is a less expensive option.

By now I am out $600 to them for her entire treatment (exam, testing, abdominal photo, and meds) but seeing how well my dog felt that very night was worth every penny.

Excellent staff, they care about your animal. You get what you pay for and at no point did I feel that Dr. Wheeler saw my dog as anything but my furbaby and his goal was to ensure that she has a wonderful quality of life.

– Kristy K. | Yelp

We found this place during a rough time and they welcomed us with open, loving and very experienced arms. We especially love how methodical the medical approach is. Dr. Wheeler listens and provides his approach with various options. He communicates expectations and goals extremely well and couldn’t be a nicer guy. We liked them so much we are making them our primary!

– Amberleigh D. | Facebook

Best place ever! The doctor’s and staff are professional and very kind…. Good people with BIG hearts! Thank you so much for taking care of Paige, the little pregnant dog that we found abandoned on the highway, outside of Page, Az….. giving her a clean bill of health were the best words we ever heard!!!! I will definitely recommend you to everyone I know.

– Lorraine P. | Facebook

Our Poodle needed an ACL repair and the physicians and staff were amazing! They even provided emergency boarding for us.

– Barbara W. | Facebook

Animal Medical & Surgical Center is simply wonderful. From the front desk, doctors, vet techs, and boarding group they have a way that makes both the owner and the dog feel safe and at home. It’s like ‘Cheers’ when you walk in the door, they call every pet by name. It’s refreshing to be at a place that if I call to check on Bruin when he is being boarded, check on him after surgery, or to ask questions about his health care they are nothing but friendly and helpful. As fellow pet owners would know, our pets are our babies and Bruin is no different. Driving in from the West Side of the Valley to use them I pass many other clinics and boarding places but I would not even think about taking him elsewhere. It’s refreshing to see Bruin happy to be there and me know he is going to get the best care and love while he is there.

– Emily T. | Google

I can’t say enough great things about the Animal Medical & Surgical Center!! I needed to board my Shih Tzu puppy for four days and was very torn on who to leave him with. This is the first dog I’ve owned and he is the love of my life! My parents recommended Animal Medical & Surgical Center so I tried them out. the facility is state of the art and beautiful!! The boarded animals are kept upstairs which made me feel great! Unless my dog learns how to use an elevator, he’s not going to get out. All of the staff is extremely kind and friendly. They took me on a tour and showed me their upstairs park. They also have camera where you can log in and watch your pet play in the park! I have to admit, while on vacation I logged in every couple of hours to check on him. When I picked him up after 4 days, he was well taken care of, happy and well fed and hydrated. I want to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone there that took care of my baby Zeus!

– Sandy L. | Yelp

We love this hospital. We have taken all of our 5 golden retrievers there. The doctors are much more competent, it seems to us, than the other vets we have been to. Immaculate. Loving and very good advice. We pass about 13 vets on the way to AMSC. It is right near costco. Anyone can find it. They have doctors there that I would go to myself. Best care ever!

– Barbara F. | Yelp